We're now on the main floor of the Fusion project, in the powder room. The powder room is a place where you can be a little bold when it comes to decor, as it's a small and confined space that is somewhat separate from the rest. So I went for something a little more dramatic for this room while using the same basic color scheme. 

I didn't want to clutter this small space, so instead of adding art frames on the wall, I made the walls the art pieces. I found a really nice tile that reminded me of a waterfall when installed vertically and had them installed on the largest wall. I wanted to also add river rocks along of the walls, but because of the way some visitors let their kids loose in model home, it was too risky. The river rocks might have ended up in different parts of the house. So I opted for a neat wallpaper with a river rocks pattern to go behind the pedestal sink instead. 

There's not a lot of space to add decorative items in a space like this. So I didn't use a lot of accessories. Just two green plants to add a bit of color and life. 

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