Next to the master bedroom is the top floor bathroom. I was allowed to make a few modifications aside from the selection of colors and finishes from the available palette. So I decided to change the standard builder's mirror for two smaller and more interesting ones above each sink. I like how they contrast with the wall behind it.  

I learned a while ago that it's important to consider what the mirror reflects in your design and I always keep that in mind. I knew from the floor plan that there was going to be a large wall facing the mirror so I decided to have it covered with a mural. This particular one, called Dadelion, comes from Murale Unique.

When selecting the mural, I made sure it would pick up some of the colors from the room (e.g. the tile, the frame of  the mirror above the bath and the cabinets). Notice how the mural is also reflected above the tub, and again on the glass of the shower. Using reflection in your concept can help you make the most of your design elements. 

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