A pile of gray cats wearing tutus

window display boutique La Vie en Rose Montreal
A couple days ago, I was walking down Ste-Catherine street in Montreal, and noticed this neat window display. I've always been interested in the design aesthetics of commercial windows and love to see creative displays.
window display boutique La Vie en Rose Montreal
This one, from La Vie en Rose, stopped me right in my tracks: a pile of gray cats wearing a purple tutu under mannequins. I wonder what was the inspiration behind this one and what's the message (if there is one). Also why did they chose purple as opposed to pink in their color scheme? (La Vie en Rose loosely translates to Life in Pink in French) Why the ballerina shoes in the back? Why the cats?

In any case, window displays sound like a fun job, especially if you get "carte blanche". If given the opportunity to design for La Vie en Rose, I think I would create various fantasy worlds and always use something pink as the starting point (It's part of their name after all). Maybe a pink Cadillac or a pink pony?
pink Cadillac pink pony