iPad apps for interior designers and decorators

I recently purchased an iPad. After many considerations, I decided that it would be a great tool for my day to day work, specially while traveling. I like to sketch a lot, and downloaded SketchBook O, a free painting and drawing App created specifically for O readers. While, the intent of this App is for The Oprah Magazine readers to share their creativity through the iPad, I figured I'd give it a try for my own projects.

So far, the App is effective for writing down room dimensions at client's place. I uploaded a plan and was able to superpose the dimensions by hand, as shown below. (Excuse the poor hand writing). It was very practical.

I was also able to create quick sketches and add colors to illustrate various concepts for a bathroom. So far I really like it and I'll probably buy the full version for iPad, SketchBook Pro soon. Sketchbook O good but limited0. (e.g. 15 preset brushes instead of 75 , 3 Layers instead of 6, etc.).

There's a lot that can be done with Sketchbook Pro. Check out what artist Kyle Runciman was able to do with this App. Time to sharpen my drawing skills :)

... oh yes I also have a copy of Angry birds. Who doesn't! :)

photos: M2JL STUDIO | Rovio | Today in Art |


I want to design a coffee shop around these

Mood Mugs by thabto modern cup happy sleepy moody
Meet Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody and Seriously Sleepy : three super cute mugs created by thabto, a London based design and giftware studio. These minimalist hand made porcelain mugs are insulated so you can not burn your hands while you hold them. I think they would be a great starting point for the design of little quirky coffee shop. Each mood could represent the strength of the coffee for example.

I would also add Tom, Dick & Harry, the porcelain jars, also from thabto, to store things like sugar and cinnamon.

Tom, Dick & Harry cute modern funky kitchen container by thabto

Who's got a coffee shop that needs a new concept and a complete makeover? :)

photo: thabto