The Domestic Transformer

Architect Gary Chang from Hong Kong did an amazing job retrofitting his tiny 334 square foot apartment. Check out this Pecha Kucha presentation he did explaining the evolution of this apartment over time.

... and a special presentation on his space here


The next generation of mirrors

mirror tv hotel white bathroom modern classic white tiles brown baskets spa

We've come a long way since the first manufactured mirrors made out of pieces of polished stone such as Obsidian, over 8000 years ago! Still there wasn't much difference between the mirrors made back then and the mirrors we're used to nowadays... well at least until now. Sure, mirrors can now be equipped with television, and many high end hotels are now using this technology, but the real revolution comes from Philips who created the interactive mirror. This mirror takes things one step further by enabling users to check the weather, keep track of their weight, check the back of their head, play and more. All that without even having to actually touch the glass! Genius!

source: hdtalks