Smart Tile peel & stick back splash black and white kitchen modern
Many rental units don't come with a backsplash in the kitchen, which is not always convenient or interesting. Chances are if you're renting, you most likely won't go to the trouble of installing glass tiles or ceramic tiles in your kitchen. For this rental unit I used Smart Tiles. They look just like glass tiles but they are made out of some sort of gel. They also come in different sizes and colors. The ones I chose were relatively easy and quick to install and cost less than $100. Removing them should be a breeze. According to the instructions, all you need is a hair dryer.



floor plan condominium
I previously wrote a post on a mood board for a condo that I'm working on. Above is the approved furniture layout for the space. It includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, a kitchen and an open space with a nook for the living and dining area.  I had to work with the existing wall configuration since it's a model suite, and I'm really happy with it.

sample board tile floor backsplash condominium
The selected samples are fairly neutral to reflect that sought after urban look. You can see some of the  samples above for (01) a high gloss grey finish for some pieces of furniture, (02) backsplash in the kitchen, (03) ceramic floor tiles, (04) granite counter in the kitchen, (05) accent tiles in the bathroom, (06) laminate counter in the bathroom, (07) cabinets, (08) accent wall paint, (09) door wall paint, (10) main wall paint, (11) ceiling paint, (12) fabric sample for the sectional, (13) fabric sample for the chaise, (14) fabric sample for the banquette, (15) floor sample.

I had an opportunity to visit the site after the drywall was installed. You can see below a view of the future dining area with the little nook for the den on the right. Behind the half wall are stairs leading up to the condo.  A main feature I thought of for this space is the brick wall. It will add a nice texture to the room. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.
construction condominium

The preliminary selection of furniture for the dining area includes a banquette from G. Romano, three pendant lights from Kendal lighting, three Rochelle chairs from Elite Living, the new Tranetorp table from IKEA and a Lego vases from Zone Maison. 
moodboard dining area

For the table setting, I'm leaning toward something simple. I like the idea of placing table runners along the short side of the table like in the top left photo by alkemie. I also like the contrast between the charcoal runner, the white tableware and the yellow flowers and lemons in the top right photo by paratinovia. I spotted these really neat #'s runners and placemats from CB2. They look perfect for my color scheme. 

modern table setting CB2