Smart Tile peel & stick back splash black and white kitchen modern
Many rental units don't come with a backsplash in the kitchen, which is not always convenient or interesting. Chances are if you're renting, you most likely won't go to the trouble of installing glass tiles or ceramic tiles in your kitchen. For this rental unit I used Smart Tiles. They look just like glass tiles but they are made out of some sort of gel. They also come in different sizes and colors. The ones I chose were relatively easy and quick to install and cost less than $100. Removing them should be a breeze. According to the instructions, all you need is a hair dryer.


  1. All you need is a hairdryer?

    They look lovely but would the steam from a boiling kettle make them fall off?

    Just a thought!

  2. Thanks Jason for your comment! From their website it says that the tiles "are resistant to heat as well as cooking splashes" and that there should be a distance of 2 inches between wall and devices such as toasters. So I'm assuming the heat has to be directly on the tile. Mind you, they recommend a stainless steel panel with gas stoves without a back panel. For this particular case I haven't seen any problems so far :)