I want to design a coffee shop around these

Mood Mugs by thabto modern cup happy sleepy moody
Meet Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody and Seriously Sleepy : three super cute mugs created by thabto, a London based design and giftware studio. These minimalist hand made porcelain mugs are insulated so you can not burn your hands while you hold them. I think they would be a great starting point for the design of little quirky coffee shop. Each mood could represent the strength of the coffee for example.

I would also add Tom, Dick & Harry, the porcelain jars, also from thabto, to store things like sugar and cinnamon.

Tom, Dick & Harry cute modern funky kitchen container by thabto

Who's got a coffee shop that needs a new concept and a complete makeover? :)

photo: thabto


  1. Love the new blog design. Although it's been a while since I was last here, maybe it's not so new anymore!

    I LOVE the coffee cups! So cute and fun, and much better than those paper cups that burn your hands. I'm not a coffee drinker, but these cute guys would be perfect for hot chocolate too :-)

  2. Thanks Kelly! It's still a working progress. Imagine these cups with hot chocolate and marshmallows on top :)

  3. Hi Marie-Judith Jean-Louis,
    Lovely blog! - and love the mugs that you adore! Love their graphic, gender-neutral nature. So cute! I'd love the coffee shop too... just need to add, let's see, how about some fresh organic, free-trade coffees and teas, delish cupcakes (okay, some low-calorie stuff too as I am type 1!) ... and a studio area for working in and letting others work in glass ;) Cheers, Pam
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