One of the bedrooms had to be furnished as an office, so I decided to use the room next to the bathroom.  All the furniture, except for the two orange chairs were repurposed from previous model homes. 
It's interesting how things develop during the decorating stage of a project : it's part planning and part scavenger hunt and part luck. For the office, it started with the Solmyra frames from IKEA. I really liked them and I decided to add them to the decor during the planning phase. I figured they would have a great visual impact as they would be the first thing you see when you enter the room, on even when you just pass by. 

As I was looking for more accessories during the installation phase, I picked up the photo frame in the shape of a hand (on the desk) and found a the wall clock with the hand signs instead of numbers. As I look back at the room, it seems like I subconsciously found pieces that fit a "hand" theme for the room, which is appropriate for an office as it relates to working. 

I always think about how a person will use the space I design, and for me a home office needs a visible calendar. What better way to keep track of all your tasks and appointments than to always have them in your line of sign as you're working, without it cluttering your desk. So on the opposite wall, I created a monthly chalkboard calendar but cutting a large chalkboard wall sticker into squares. Next to it, I also added a weekly chalkboard calendar. This wall sticker was very difficult to install because of all the wholes in it (each letters and lines).  One was more then enough for me! 

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