And we're back for part 2 of the model home redesign. Above is what the master bedroom looked like before. I had to reuse the furniture and as much art and accessories as possible, while changing the look of the new master bedroom. 

I went for a slightly different color palette and decided to install an accent wallpaper behind the bed as a focal point. You can see it being installed above by the master and his apprentice. After many considerations, I chose the Accents Decoline wallpaper DL30462 by Premier. I almost looked like fabric on the wall. 

To further soften the space, the window wall was covered with a sheer fabric installed by Ottawa Drapery. It gives a very neat effect. I was fortunate to find a new bed sheet set on sale from Winners  within budget and a couple accessories from Bouclair (accent pillows, lamps and owl) to top off some of the accessories that were in the previous model home (vase and photo frames).  

Facing the bed, I had enough space to reuse an existing table an bought a Louis Ghost chair imitation from Structube at a reasonable price. The lamp and wall mirrors are from Rona. I was looking for an original mirror for a the makeup table and the mirrored wall decals from from mur * mur fit the bill. ( I ended using a lot of their product throughout the house, so you'll see a few more decals for this project).  I like how the pieces of mirrors reflect the wall paper on the other side. 

The door next to the table, leads to the walk-in closet. I turned it into a mini jewelry box using a special paint from Rona called Metallic Accent. It's not an easy paint to apply on a wall. It took the painters a couple tries to get it right. I'm glad the general contractor used to specialize in faux finishes so he was able to show them how to apply the paint properly to get the full effect. With the special lighting fixture I added, everything inside shines and the reflection of the light on the wall is quite impressive. 

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