For the second bedroom, I imagined the occupant would be a teenager (boy or girl) and decided to make this room a little more bold. As you can see I used the exact same furniture as in the previous model home, but completely changed the color scheme. I'm happy I was able to find another bedspread within budget, because it would have been harder to integrate the previous one in a new scheme. 
One major decor element was to have stripes painted on the wall and the ceiling. Not sure if the painters were too happy with this, but I love the impact it has as you enter the room. It gives it more energy. I also found a couple interesting accessories. I really like the table light with a glass base that I found on sale at Winners. It was perfect to for the little elephants I placed inside. 

On the other side,  I wanted to add something interesting and simple and decided to go with wall stickers from Blik of the Dancers illustrations by Keith Haring. They're fun and are perfect for a teen's room without being gender specific. 


  1. Nice clean colours, I like the horizontal and verticle lines on the paper and headboard. was that by chance or deliberate?

    1. Thanks. I think it was subconscious. I had in mind that there were line on the furniture and somehow decided to have lines painted on the wall and ceiling.