Luminous fiber optic decorations by LumiGram


I remember as a kid, how fascinated I was with our revolving fiber optic lamp in the living room. My mom would light it up on special occasions and I would find my self gazing at it for long periods of times as it was changing colors on its own. Then I grew up and it sort of went out of fashion, but I guess "what's old is new again" because fiber optic lights are back with a twist.

I was recently shown this new product from Lumigram, a company from France who specializes in marrying fiber optic technology with fabric. The result is interesting and looks best at night or in a dark room. They currently have some products that can be used to decorate various spaces, such as pillows, table cloths, chair covers and vases, but I’m sure as their popularity increases designers will come up with new and creative ways to use them.

Lumigram luminous table cloths fiber optic fabric
Lumigram luminous pillows fiber optic fabric
Lumigram luminous vase fiber optic fabricLumigram luminous table chair fiber optic fabric

2009-12-02 UPDATE : This product could be fun to use at a Christmas party on a table as shown or as curtain. It could look quite dramatic in the right setting.

Lumigraph luminous table cloth fiber optic fabric

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