Colors for the holidays

Christmas tree Color Wheel M2JL STUDIO

The holidays are a great occasion to make use of your creativity by decorating your home or place of business for the occasion, whether it be for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or just an occasion to spend quality time with friends and family. There's so many color palettes and styles to choose from. Here are some examples.

I'm still experimenting with the decoration for our place but I'm leaning towards a green and tan color palette with silver accents and a lot of sparkles.

Christmas decoration green tan silver sparkle M2JL STUDIO

Nicole from Making It Lovely is all in pink.

Christmas decoration pink

Sherry and John from Young House Love have a nice green, silver and white palette for their mantle.

Christmas decoration green tan silver sparkle M2JL STUDIO

Flickr member boopsie.daisy went for a cheerful red and white color palette.

Christmas decoration red white

Flickr member generic_girly_name went for a nightmare before Christmas inspired black tree.

Christmas decoration black

Kelly at Color Sizzle created a cute purple tree.

Christmas decoration purple

If you're looking for some inspiration for your holiday decorations, I'll be putting together more mood boards based on each of the primary and secondary colors of the color wheel (orange, yellow, green, cyan, purple and red).

Christmas tree color palette orange yellow green cyan purple red

Photos : M2JL STUDIO | Making It Lovely | Young House Love | boopsie.daisy | generic_girly_name | Color Sizzle

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  1. Great colourful trees :-) I want a purple tree!!

    Kelly at Color Sizzle has a gorgeous little lilac tree in her home office :-)