Heatwave by Joris Laarman


If I told you that the baroque inspired “sculptures” on the walls in the following pictures actually have a function in each of the spaces, could you guess what that function could be?

Heatwave modern baroque radiator art

Heatwave modern baroque radiator art

They’re radiators used to heat rooms, and they actually look good! Finally someone came up with something that is more pleasing to the eye and adds to the look of a room instead of deterring from it. They are the work of designer Joris Laarman. They come in various sizes and are modular, so you can pretty much make them as small or as big as you like.

Heatwave modern baroque radiator art

Photos: Jaga

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  1. that super nice, I am a big dreamer and i hope beauty will be every where.
    z .solari