Revamp your cubicle for the holidays

For those of you who spend most of your time in a depressing cubicle, the holidays can be an opportunity to bring some life into your work space. Blogger Diddly Squat transformed her cubicle by adding a couple clever accessories. And you can see how you can easily give a plain cubicle a bit more personality.

2009 Christmas trend cubicle decoration

So for the first series of Christmas decoration ideas, I was inspired to create a couple cubicle revamp moodboards based on the 2009 Christmas decoration trends, which might inspire you to do the same in your cubicle. First on the list of trends is the Comfort style.

2009 Christmas decoration trends

01. Anno Unni , IKEA
02. Frigg Tree ,Büro North
03. Rindd Tree ,Büro North
04. Gryder Tree ,Büro North
05. Sock Monkey, Sock Monkey.net
06. Birch Lamp set, Lekker
07. Simple Felt Basket, Design Withing Reach
08. Kotte Straw Goat, IKEA
09. Red petal flower ornament,holleymarie83 and Rönas Candlestick, IKEA
10. Tundra floor, IKEA

Stay tuned for more soon.

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