Revamp your cubicle for the holidays (Part III)

Obsession Christmas Decoration Trends Cubicle Moodboard

Here's a little inspiration based on the Obsession theme from the 2009 Christmas Decoration Trends. This theme is all about opulence and extravagance. It can be done in a relatively simple manner. For example, covering wall panels with a rich purple fabric would give the impression of being upholstered. It's a easy way to completely change the mood of the space. The Bougie table lamp also gives it an instant boost and would create a very nice contrast against the upholstered purple walls. The wingback chair from James Design UK would work nicely as well. It's a great combination of the old and the new.

01.Gold Glass Bird by Gisela Graham ornament, Heals
02.Gold Cone Bauble ornament, Heals
03. 18" Black Christmas Tree, Urban Outfitter
04. Purple Damasc fabric , C&M Textile
05. Satin Ball ornament, CB2
06. Gold Bourgie table lamp, DWR
07. Purple light strand, Urban Outfitter
08. Gem ornament, CB2
09. Hourglass, DWR
10.Wingback chair, James Design UK

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