Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid

I love this biomorphic faucet by architect Zaha Hadid from Triflow Concepts's designer collection. It looks nothing like the typical faucet we see in most houses. This design was inspired by the fluid movement of water and it is seamless. It is also innovative because it includes a three-way system that allows filtered water to be delivered on a separate conduit. The hot and cold water is controlled by the handle and the filtered water is activated by a touch-sensitive electric button, the Triflow logo. A green light comes on when it's operational and the light turns red when the water treatment cartridge needs to be replaced. A red flashing light indicates that the battery (used in case of a power failure) is running low.

Triflow tap by Saha Hadid

Triflow tap by Saha Hadid

There's currently a faucet for the kitchen and another one for the bathroom. The bathroom faucet has a much lower profile than the kitchen faucet.

Triflow tap by Saha HadidTriflow tap by Saha Hadid

Triflow Concepts is currently running a competition for the next innovative tap or accessory. So if you have a great idea, here's your chance to turn your concept into reality. The winning design will be taken in production and Zaha Hadid will chair a panel of judges that will choose the winner. The deadline for the application is September 7, 2009. Check out their website for more information.

Triflow tap by Saha Hadid

photos: Mocoloco & Triflow Concepts

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