NatureMill Easy Composter


It's great to see that the majority of people recycle nowadays. Even malls such as the Eaton Center have recycling stations in their food court but also in other locations throughout the building. There are more and more recycling stations on the streets of Montreal and I would imagine this helps reduce the amount of waste in the landfill. Which makes me believe that it's time to get to the next step : composting.

Thanks to companies such as NatureMill, composters are now more user friendly. The ones carried by NatureMill are said to be automatic and odor free. The can be left indoor or outdoor and turn food into compost in only 2 weeks. They also come in a variety of colors (PRO Edition).

NatureMill Composter
Source : NatureMill

Everything is done automatically. All you have to do is add the food and take out the compost every 2 weeks.

NatureMill Composter NatureMill Composter
source: NatureMill

The PRO Edition can even be used in small offices and restaurants! I wonder if restaurants use composters. If not, I think they should and maybe even pair up with landscape companies so that all that organic compost can actually be used.

NatureMill Composter NatureMill Composter
source: NatureMill

The composters can be purchased directly from NatureMill or in places such as Home Depot for $329 for the PLUS Edition and $399 for the PRO Edition.

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