Pink and Orange Room for a little girl

Some of my clients are great DIYers. For their projects, my work consists of coming up with a great design concept for them to execute. Even if I'm always available to guide them through, they make the final decision, so it's always a nice surprise to see the final results because inevitably they will add their own touch to the design. Here's an example from a couple who was redoing their little girl's room because she was finally ready to trade her crib for her first bed.

Originally the space was dark and not very feminine. The parents wanted a room that better suited her personality.

M2JL :: STUDIO bedroom makeover

Apart from the items that had to stay in the room (mostly the pink furniture), my color scheme came from this really cute stuffed giraffe that was in her room.

M2JL :: STUDIO bedroom makeover

As you can see, paint makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a room. For her room, I proposed to change the color of the walls to brighten the space, and go bold on the ceiling to add personality and warmth. The walls were painted white and the ceiling fuchsia. This solution gave a very nice pink glow to the room without having to paint the walls pink. I had to consider the fact that a lot of the existing pink furniture was staying in the room, so pink walls would have been too much.

M2JL :: STUDIO bedroom makeover

I also proposed to use a wall adhesive above the bed. I love the one they finally chose to put over the bed. I also love the customization of the curtains, where pink and orange butterflies were added on the sheer curtain. These clients really took the concept and ran with it. Apparently the little girl loves to stare at the ceiling. They did a great job.

M2JL :: STUDIO bedroom makeover

M2JL :: STUDIO bedroom makeover


  1. Beautiful!! I love the pink ceiling -- so much better than white, and a great way to bring in colour without it being too overpowering. I love the pink & orange colour combo -- it's pretty and fresh and bright :-)

    You and your clients did a great job together :-)