Enough with electric baseboards, bring in glass radiators!

In my opinion, electric baseboards are one of the most unappealing elements of a modern home. There are so many better alternatives. I don't understand why people still hold on to the ugly ones.

electric radiator

I remember the first time I saw a picture of a glass radiator in 2005. It was from a European company. I've been hoping they come to Canada in the near future so I can finally say goodbye to the electric baseboard. Well, five years later, I have yet to see anyone selling these around here. I found two companies in Europe that sells them: The Glass Radiator Co in the UK and Thermoglance in Italy.

The ones sold by The Glass Radiator Co are manufactured in Germany by Saint-Gobain Glass, a German company that is considered to be the largest glass manufacturer in the world. It's also an environmentally friendly company who uses recycled glass.

glass radiatorsglass radiators
photo: The Glass Radiator Co

The ones sold by Thermoglace are manufactured by an Italian company called Asola Vetro

glass radiators
glass radiators
glass radiators
photo: Thermoglance

So not only are glass radiators more pleasing to the eye, they are more efficient and eco-friendly. I think it's only a matter of time before we get to see them here. Needless to say, the first occasion I get to use these in a design project I will... unless something better comes along :)

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  1. Who knew that a radiator could look so good!! Definitely a huge improvement over ugly baseboard heaters that you just want to hide. You would want to show off these glass ones!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies