e-glue wall stickers


Kids’ room can be modern and fun. An easy way to add a bit of fun in their room is by using modern wall stickers like the ones from e-glue.

This company from France specializes in adhesive wall stickers for kids. Their products are said to be healthy and safe because there are no solvent, ink or other chemicals in the products.

e-glue offers several collections of stickers (giga-KIT, dida-STIK, aqua-STIK, pico-STIK, tutti-STIK,and my CHIKY). The first one is composed of set of stickers within the same theme so customers can create a "new world" by enveloping the room with several stickers of various sizes, as shown below. The graphic characters and objects can "interact" with the elements in the room.

giga-KIT Tutti Frutti giga-KIT Tutti Frutti giga-KIT lovely Uma
giga-KIT lovely Uma giga-KIT chicky jazz band giga-KIT chicky jazz band
source: e-glue

They also offer several single stickers of various sizes where you can create your own theme or use only one large one as a focal point.

dida-KIT hut for bird blue dida-KIT hut for bird grey
source: e-glue

What I like about this company is that you can choose the colors of your stickers online and create various color combinations to suit your style. You can even create your own wall art.

giga-KIT boarding giga-KIT boarding
source: e-glue

Of course this is not limited to kids' room. There's an opportunity to create some very creative grown-up rooms with these stickers.

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