Eating area for two

So there has been a bit of progress in the little eating area. I've added two beautiful Tobias chairs and a cool KNAPPA pendant lamp, both from IKEA. I've been eyeing these items for a while. I was also looking at the MONACO Large Pendant Lamp from EQ3, but it requires "hardwire" installation, which is not possible in a rental. I don't like seeing the cord hanging so I ran the cord on the ceiling towards the corner of the wall and attached it with an IKEA kit. Turned out pretty good, you can barely see the cord down the wall.

M2JL :: STUDIO project IKEA KNAPPA lamp Tobia chair

Since there wasn't a lot of space, I decided to use transparent chairs in order to take less visual space. The lamp adds a great contrast against the wall. The shape is reminiscent of water lily.

M2JL :: STUDIO project IKEA KNAPPA lamp

It was an interesting lamp to put together. When I opened the box, I was a bit taken back by all the pieces. But it was easy and quick to put together. I'm always impressed at the way IKEA manages to minimize its packaging and the ingenuity it took to come up with a way to break down their items as much as possible and still make it easy for people to put together. And if I'm not mistaken, the parts are recyclable!

M2JL :: STUDIO project IKEA KNAPPA lamp

M2JL :: STUDIO project IKEA KNAPPA lamp

The next step is the table. I've spotted a really nice one at Zone Maison. I thinks it's called the bar table - Lily. The one that I saw (at the store) looks very similar and it can go up or down. Ideally I'd like for it to go down from coffee table height up to table height, so that it would have a dual purpose. Again, the use of glass reduces the visual weight of the furniture and doesn't take too much space and the highly reflective surface increases the amount of lighting in this area.

M2JL :: STUDIO project Zone Maison Round glass table

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