A Modern tree for the modern home

modern christmas tree

When you live in a modern space such as an urban loft or condo, decorating for Christmas can be a bit of a challenge since most of what’s out there clashes with the “less is more” philosophy of a modern home. One of the biggest challenges in holiday decoration is the traditional Christmas tree. Typically adorned with all sorts of ornaments, lights, garlands, and colors, it may really stick out in a minimalist home. Fortunately, today’s modernists have options that will allow them to have a modern Christmas tree that can truly complement their homes.

modern christmas tree
modern christmas tree

Architect Richard Babcock created an ingenious tree made of real wood sticks to simplify the holidays. Several rows of the wood sticks are attached to a central post and open up to give the tree volume. Ornaments can be hung on the branches but a true minimalist would use it bare to showcase its beauty. This eco-friendly tree comes in a 3-ft table top version or a 6-ft hanging version and retails for $195 - $350. [link]

modern christmas tree

For an abstract depiction of the Christmas tree, the Tannenboing (seemingly named after the the German word for Christmas tree, Tannenbaum) is the ultimate minimalist tree. It takes very little visual space and is made of recycled aluminum in the shape of a spiral. It has 200 holes punched on the perimeter of the structure so that ornaments can be attached to it. The tree hangs from the ceiling and currently retails for $395. [link]

Two dimensional tree
modern christmas tree

If you just don’t have the space for a three dimensional tree, perhaps a two-dimensional tree will work. RoomMates offers original wall decal quotes in the shape of a Christmas tree including ornaments. A little over 4-ft tall assembled, it can be installed on any bare wall for the holidays, stored and reused again the following year. The wall decal retails for about $35. [link]

Flat packed trees from the past
modern christmas tree

Designed by Büro North, a multi-disciplinary design company based in Australia, Rindd, Gryder and Frigg are three styles of laser cut wood Christmas trees named after the wives of Odin, a mythic Norse figure. The trees can be flat packed to save space when not used and are great statements in modern homes. The trees retails for $149-$349. [link]

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus (I hope I didn't forget anyone), I wish you the best for the holiday seasons.

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