Ode to Nature Inspirations

Inspiration board ode to nature bedroom
1. Antler wreath (Oly)
2. Fusion Bed (Suite New York)
3. Driftwood Mirror (Bobo Intriguing Objects)
4. Raven (Oly)
5.Teak Ball (Oly)
6. Birds on branches wallpaper (Fern Living)
7. Death Wish Mirror (Areaware)
8. Jamie Young Co. Twisted Vine Floor Lamp (Candelabra)
9. Unison LARCH Blackberry Square Pillow (Modern Karibou)
10. Amenity Hemp Pillow - Cove Cream + Moss (Modern Karibou)
11. Iannone Green Mod Wood Stripe Long Dresser (Modern Karibou)

Inspiration board ode to nature bedroom
1. bird candle sticks (Oly)
2. hi s and lo s (IZM)
3. AMOS trophy (Mikaza Home)
4. Luke cocktail table (Oly)
5. Jasper Cube (Gus Modern)
6. Stacked Wood Side Table (Bobo Intriguing Objects)
7. Gato (Oly)
8. Ari side table (Oly)
9. Lumen Oil Lamp (Adam Frank)
10. Jared side table (Oly)
11. Lovebirds cushions (Fern Living)

Source : Suite New York | Modern Karibou | Bobo Intriguing Objects | Areaware | Candelabra | Oly | Fern Living | Mikaza Home | Adam Frank | Gus Modern | IZM


  1. Oooh, so many pretty things!! Love all your selections -- the IZM piece is fantastic, and all the cushions are great. And that bed looks perfect for an assignment I'm working on for school...

    Thanks for the inspiration :-)