Fluorescent light fixtures can be beautiful, thanks to Dominic Bromley


We all know that light fixtures which use fluorescent lamp save money in the long run and that they are somewhat good for the environment (let’s not forget the mercury issue). Sadly, they don’t always look nice. Thankfully, designers are working on making them more attractive.

I recently came across this stunning pendant light fixture designed by Dominic Bromley. The fixture uses T5 fluorescent lamps. Inspired by the bait-ball phenomenon where fish gather around to create a large mass in order to protect themselves from predators, Bromley created a light fixture made of several bone china fish sculptures.

It's called Shoal. "Shoal 1672" is made of 1672 fishes and "Shoal 284" is made of 284 fishes. It’s quite ingenious.

close-up of shoal light fixture

Shoal 284 Shoal 1672

Source: Scabetti

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