Tangram shelving

source : Wikipedia

Remember Tangrams? Ever played with them when you were younger? The concept behind this game was very simple: create various silhouettes from seven basic geometric shapes (usually a square, a rhomb and five triangles). This game could occupy a kid with a big imagination for hours, creating a cat, a bunny, a person, a house, or more.

Tangram shelving Lago
source : Lago

This concept can now be integrated in interior space, thanks to the creativity of Italian furniture designers at Lago . They created a modular wall shelving system that enable people to create various shapes on their wall while storing books, DVD, etc. This system is perfect for those who like to change things around, since it can take as many shapes as you can imagine.

Tangram shelving LagoTangram shelving Lago
source : Lago

See, shelves don’t have to be boring.

2009-10-26 UPDATE : A couple months after I first posted this, I got the opportunity to integrate a Lago inspired shelving system in the room of a teenage girl, while working for a TV makeover show for teens back when I was in Montreal. Since she liked horses a lot, I decided to design a horse shaped tangram shelving system for her. The carpenter made it out of MDF and we painted it turquoise. It turned out great as you can see below. It gave her an original space to store CDs, stuffed animals and books.

Mechant Changement M2JL STUDIO Tangram Shelving

Mechant Changement M2JL STUDIO Tangram Shelving

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  1. I love your horse tangram shelving -- it really looks great!! :-)