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Hola! I'm back from Ibiza! What a nice place! For those who don't know, Ibiza is an itty bitty Spanish island in the Mediterranean sea that's well known for its dance clubs and mega parties. But I think Ibiza should also be known for its sensitivity to design and architecture. There are a lot of beautiful places there.

Ibiza island from the plane

I discovered a lot of little modern gems here during my trip there and it was very inspiring. One in particular gem that I'd like to share with you is the design of the Azuli Beach Party. It was held at Ushuaia Beach Club, a nice little place looking over the sea.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach entrance

On the way to the main entrance there was some Bali beds on the side of the walkway under large wooden canopies for groups of people who wanted a more private setting like this one surrounded by little palm trees.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza Bali bed

There was also various sculptures of elephants and neat candle holders like this one.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza candle holder

The walkway to the main entrance was fenced up, and you were greeted by this lady at the entrance to the enclosed space (I'll call it the lounge), which in turn led to a semi-enclosed space (I'll call it the terrace). It had a very exclusive feel to it. Notice the white door. I was probably carved wood or wood with metal decoration on it but painting it all in white modernized it while keeping its character. Love it. Isn't the red stool great against it?

Club Azuli Party Ibiza greater

It was also possible to enter the party area from the beach where a wooden walkway led guests to a very cool archway (I which I had taken a close up picture of the other side).

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach entrance

The "lounge" area included comfy white sofas and stools and neat coffee tables on one side. There was also a bar at the center and a kitchen in the back on the other side. I love the black and red chandeliers against the white walls and ceiling. The space was very simple and comfortable.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach lounge

In the "terrace" area, they used white Panton chairs with the chunky wood tables. I love the contrast of color and texture. The ceiling was made of bamboo mats or some similar material. I though it was a great idea. A second bar was installed in that same area as well as the DJ booth.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace

The table facing the beach entrance was painted with a glossy red as a accent. Very nice. I love this idea for a beach wedding for example, where the newlyweds table would be bright red. It definitely attracts the eye.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace

The bar on the terrace was like a little hut. In front of it was two large low wooden white washed benches and a wooden coffee table between them.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace

Here's a close up of the smaller table arrangement. I just love the contrast between the masculine table and the feminine chairs. The table is rough, chunky and square as opposed to the smooth, curvy and light chairs.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace

The party organizers found a way to advertise for themselves by placing little signage and lights on the ceiling and the DJ Booth.

Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terraceClub Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace
Club Azuli Party Ibiza beach terraceClub Azuli Party Ibiza beach terrace

I just love the attention they put on the design of the event and the location. I was a very nice place. One of many that I've seen in Ibiza. I'll be writing more about my many discoveries over the next couple weeks on this blog as well as on MOOT.

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  1. Looks like a great place to hang out :-) The chandeliers are TOTALLY cool!!

    I really like your shot from the plane :-)

    Looking forward to reading more about your trip :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies