Magnetic Chalkboard wall

There it is! :) The magnetic chalkboard paint was heavier and darker than the Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. Basically the magnetic chalkboard paint was applied on the first coat and the Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint was applied on the second coat. The first can has no indication as to how many coats of paint is required or what the coverage is. In this case one can was enough for one coat. But I think 2 coats would probably be better. The paints didn't smell much either, which is always a plus.

M2JL :: STUDIO project

First coat of magnetic blackboard paint
M2JL :: STUDIO project

Final result with the Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint
M2JL :: STUDIO project

A close up on a little butterfly magnet on the wall.
M2JL :: STUDIO project

After a couple days, the chalkboard wall is ready for use :) I love the contrast of the charcoal against the light wood tones of the floor and the wardrobe. It will look even better once the other walls are painted and the furniture and accessories are in place.

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  1. That's cool!! Not only have you created a functional wall, but the dark charcoal gray looks great with the white trim & door and the wood floor & cabinetry.

    Great job!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies