Experience zero gravity in style

Interior design is finally getting into space! The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) plans to offer the possibility of getting a closer look at the stars, watching earth from above and experiencing zero gravity in style! The plane's interior and a portion of its exterior was designed by world renowned industrial designer Marc Newson who's "overriding preoccupation is to break new ground" (10 Questions for Marc Newson by Kate Novack, Time)

Marc Newson in mock up of Astrium space plane
source: psfk

The interior is absolutely beautiful and sleek! It uses a simple palette of white, grays and a vibrant yellow. There are lots of round windows that allow for multiple views and enough space for four passengers. Doesn't the passenger chairs ressemble Le Corbusier's Chaise Longue with a modern twist? They look quite comfortable. There's also plenty of yellow grab bars on the walls/ceiling in case you need to hold on to something while experiencing zero gravity and enjoying breathtaking views.

A full size mock up was revealed not too long ago (2007) at the Le Bourget Airshow in Paris. The first passenger to experience this are expected for 2012 at approximately $267,000 per seat.

Source: Flickr (pm12dindin)

Source: Flickr (simba_zx)

Source: BBC news

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